Annual Church Report

This form should be filled out by the individual(s) authorized by the local church and who have the login information provided in the Annual Church Reporting Worksheet (ACRW) sent to the Pastor and Clerk of Session in January. Your ACRW contains some pre-printed information from the previous year to help you gather information. Click here to download a blank form in pdf format if you need an additional worksheet. Once you have your information, log in and enter the information here. You may fill out a report partially, click “save as draft” and return at another time. When your report is complete, enter “submit.” If information needs to be corrected after submitting the report, please email the correction to

Click here to view a brief instructional video. Also, please submit any recent updates to contact information of key personnel at


2016 Annual Church Report
2015 Annual Church Report
2014 Annual Church Report

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